Powerchimp 4A - CLEARANCE

This useful, innovative and unique battery charger will recharge up to 4 x AA, 4 x AAA rechargeable batteries or a mixture of the two at any one time, thanks to its independent charging feature. You don't even need to charge the same make of battery at the same time as this clever little device will charge any make or model of AA or AAA battery simultaneously. The powerchimp4A will take approximately 8 hours to recharge 4 x AA batteries fully. Once the batteries that require charging are in place, slide the unit shut. Power the unit via USB from your computer or via any of our award-winning portable chargers. The powerchimp4A also has a 5V output so you can charge your 5v devices if required, making this product great if you're on the go.

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Powerchimp 4A - CLEARANCE Size: 1800 mAh Colour:

Product No. PMCHIMP4A

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