Sterling Rope

Sterling Rope

9.8 Velocity

This 9.8mm rope has it all and is the most popular of the Evolution series. Just the right amount of stiffness, so your rope doesn't flop during critical clips and its silky smooth sheath withstands abrasion and slides effortlessly to reduce rope drag. This is the rope of choice for Chris Sharma and is what he uses for working the toughest routes. The Velocity is the best selling “do it all” rope in the sub 10mm size range, great for sport, trad, steep ice, and hard mixed routes. The lightweight, durability and great handling on this rope makes it perfect for both novice climbers and experienced athletes!

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9.8 Velocity Size: 60 metre Colour: assorted

Product No. SD98ND60

9.8 Velocity Size: 70 metre Colour: assorted

Product No. SD98ND70

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