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Singing Rock products are designed in the heart of Czech Republic, tested and manufactured in a world-class facility. Designed and built by climbers who are passionate about design and safety. Singing Rock continually refines it’s harnesses and other climbing equipment to build the best gear possible. Focus has been placed on comfort and safety and to make the best and most innovative harnesses in the world.

Top Sit Harness
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Fully adjustable harness with a single tie-in point.
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Multi-purpose and universal harness for all kind of climbing activities suitable mainly for beginners, climbing courses and gyms, comes in two sizes which adapts to all users shapes.
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All-round harness with adjustable leg loops. A perfect choice for climbers who want one harness for all rock and mountain activities.
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Sit harness for your small rock stars. Three buckle, fully adjustable children's harness.
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The Space Saver Mug fits snuggly over the bottom of a 32 oz Nalgene bottle saving valuable space in your pack.
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