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Top quality headlamps and flashlights in a variety of styles to fit any use.

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What could be better than a light that weighs only 78g with 70 lumens of brightness and 146 hours of burn time?
Bot Headlamp - SALE
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Two Ultrabright LEDs, the Bot is built with the same ruggedness and reliability as the rest of the Prince-ton Tec headlamps.
Byte Headlamp-SALE
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Compact and lightweight headlamp.
SYNC Headlamp
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Development started with the proven foundation of the stable asymmetrical single arm bracket, integrated essential modes to please a wide variety of discerning users.
Vizz Headlamp
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The Vizz is feature-loaded with three distinct beam profiles easily accessed via a simple press, hold, or double press of the button.
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The Gibbon Funline is designed mainly for kids and slacklining beginners.
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