Fox40 whistles feature penetrating trills and patented 2 or 3 chamber pea-less designs.

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EPIK has an integrated black over-molded Cushioned Mouth Grip. Integrated grip ribs along the top surface of the whistle provides additional holding option. Ergonomically designed shape to fit your hand better Ring has sleek black zinc finish Easy to blow, optimized performance Flawless, consistent and reliable Sound will be heard up to a mile away
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Kit Includes: Xplorer LED Light with Strap and Carabiner, Micro Pealess Safety Whistle (110 dB), Signaling Mirror, Fire Starter, Compass, 550 Paracord, Emergency Blanket, Waterproof Bag
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The Paddlers Safety Pack includes compact items for all rescue and first aid needs All items in the kit were hand picked by professionals as essentials items to have on board Components of kit fit into the dry bag.
Boat Safety Kit
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One kit that contains all boat safety needs, a Fox40 pealess classic whistle, an easy-grip low profile 2 L bailing bucket, a 15-m safety throw line, a water resistant floating flashlight with a non-slip grip and a reflective safety mirrored lid in a compact package.
Classic Whistle
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A patented, three-chambered pea-less design that never fails to make a sharp, penetrating call or signal.
Pearl Whistle
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The Pearl has a two-chambered design that emits a lower tone than the Fox40 Classic. The Pearl is ideal for situations, such as sports events, where the whistle is blown frequently. Available in assorted colours.
Micro Whistle with Lanyard
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The newest Fox40 whistle packaged with a breakaway lanyard. The Micro whistle is true to the Fox 40 tradition of innovative design and engineering excellence. Available in assorted colours.
Sonik Blast CMG Whistle
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Fox40's loudest whistle! The 4-chamber 125 dB sound is designed to be heard when participating in outdoor activities with a high background noise such as whitewater canoeing. Lanyard included.
Sharx + Lanyard
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Made from durable polycarbonate and co-molded elastomer for added comfort and slip resistance. Sound power of 120dB. Performs in the nastiest weather conditions. Be Seen, Be Heard!
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