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Knives have been crafted in Östnor for over a century. Once they were made in every home by local craftsmen who passed down their skills from generation to generation. Today those skills are all under one roof and no matter who you talk to in our factory they can all tell a family story in which knife manufacture plays a central part!

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Eldris is a pocket size fixed blade knife that will amaze you with its versatility. The knife has a precision blade and ground spine compatible with a fire starter. It’s compact design and all round convenience mean you’ll never leave the house without it,
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The ultimate all-around knife. While in the woods, on a hike, hunting or at sea, it's the perfect partner.
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A powerful full tang knife designed to perform the toughest tasks it encounters. The 3.2mm thick blade is made from high grade Swedish stainless steel, treated to make it even stronger and more durable.
Bushcraft Knife Orange M-12050
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The 3.2 mm thick stainless steel blade is not profile-ground, which means that the knife is heavier and more robust. The blade is ridge ground especially for use with the fire steel.
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A new knife in Bushcraft family with its black 3.2 mm thick blade is one of the most sturdy knives we have ever made. The carbon steel blade has a black coating which protects against corrosion.
Bushcraft Survival Orange M-12051
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A razor sharp blade with its black 3.2 mm thick blade is one of the most sturdy knives Mora has ever made. You can use the back of the blade with the fire starter. The robust sheath is provided with a well thought out space for the firesteel and completed with a diamond sharpener.
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Knife with a 2.5 mm thick cold-rolled stainless steel blade. Scandinavian grind produces a very sharp edge with excellent control of the cut and is easy to sharpen.
Companion Serrated M-12214
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Knife with a patterned high-friction grip and serrated blade that has been developed for cutting rope, nylon and fiber. Blade of Swedish cold-rolled special stainless steel.
Companion Heavy Duty M-12210
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A powerful tool for bushcrafters, hunters and outdoor people. For batoning the knife needs to have great strength requirements, so the knife has a three-layer injection molded handle and a thicker (3.2 mm) blade with 27 ° edge angle.
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Impact resistant black handle with substantial finger protection. Serrated edge with blunt tip. Blade of Swedish stainless steel. Plastic sheath.
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