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The Pocket Disc story began back in 2005 when the crocheted doily 9-year old Savanna had made for a 3rd grade school project initially took flight. The moment that original doily floated across the room and landed softly into founder Patrick’s hand, our mission of bringing simple fun anywhere was born. Together with a varied assortment of other handmade and Fair Trade goods like headbands, and footbags, with the quality and beauty of the Maya artisans while making a difference in the living and working conditions in Guatemala.

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Fly the Canadian colours!
Indoor Disc
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Soft supple design, easiest for catching. Smaller than the Sport Edition disc. Great for indoors, kids, and calm days. A hand-made fair-trade product of Guatemala. Assorted colors/designs
Sports Disc
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The Sports Edition Pocket Discs are heavier, fly farther, are colorfast and are more geared towards outdoor play.
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Redesigned! Amphibious, sewn in float making it buoyant for water play. Poseidon Pocket Discs are the latest addition to the line-up and our first pocket discs that float. Snatch one today in time for some summertime water fun!
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NEW! The farthest flying Pocket Disc yet. 100% cotton Fair Trade. Made in Guatemala.
Footbag Regular
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The durable classic footbag from Pocket Disc! We use 100% recycled pellet fill. Please note that the footbag color/design is selected at random by the warehouse and may not be exactly as shown. Not guaranteed to be colorfast.
Footbag Large
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Large footbags are about the size of a baseball and are great for throwing and kicking. We use 100% recycled pellet fill and the large footbags are also colorfast.
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The Gibbon Funline is designed mainly for kids and slacklining beginners.
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